Where your recorded performance gets the attention it deserves. The time taken to polish and process is as important as the recording itself in achieving a radio quality sound we can guarantee.

An important stage during and after recording is editing. Arrangements are finalised and tracks are scoured with a fine-tooth-comb. Mixing tools such as compression, equalisation and effects are used to prepare your recording for Mastering.

Also known as post-production, at Bounce, we believe in attention to detail.  Editing is a process often ignored but is paramount to achieving a clean, well-defined sound. It may include taking out an un-natural breath from a vocal track or a buzz from a guitar track, it all makes for a professional sounding product.

Editing also may include straightening up a slightly out of time snare drum hit or cutting and pasting various instruments to create a whole new part. We have the technology that enables us to do whatever it takes to get your project sounding the best it can be.

Mixing is the final creative process where every track recorded, from kick drum to the lead vocal, is given it’s final resting place in the mix. High quality effects are added and specialised mixing tools and techniques applied to ensure all the hard work put in at the recording stage is represented the way you heard it in your head long before the red button was pushed… or better!

We also offer this service to clients that may have recorded their tracks at home or in another studio. Just bring in the separate audio files and you’ll be on your way to a better product.