A vital step for all broadcast recordings, a good mastering studio finalises your music using the highest quality equipment to ensure your work competes with the best.

This process subjects your single, EP or album to the most accurate and critical listen of it’s life. Every song/track is processed using equalisation, compression, limiting, noise reduction and other processes to achieve a sound and level that can compete with other professionally recorded material on the market.

Other tasks, such as top-and-tailing, leveling, fading in and out, signal restoration, enhancement and track ID and naming can be applied as part of the mastering stage.

If you intend to sell your product or wish to obtain radio play, mastering is the process required to ensure your product has the finishing it needs to make an impact in a competitive industry.

We also offer this service to clients that may have recorded their tracks at home or in another studio.  Just bring in the final mix audio files and we can get your recording sounding big and rich and radio-ready.