At Bounce Recording Studios Melbourne we offer a complete creative solution to transform musical concepts to finished recordings through our extensive music production services.

  • Pre-Production & Artist Development
    The quality of your finished recording is dependant on the quality of your songs. Creativity often begins in our private production suite where we offer, song development, artist development and song coaching.
  • Music Production
    You may be surprised how little it costs to have your recording professionally produced.  Discover how good you really can sound.  Get professional guidance and take that next step.
  • Studio Recording
    Where your ideas come to life and you get to perform your heart out. From a shaker to a killer vocal track your moment to shine has arrived. Yes, this is where the little red button finally gets pushed!
  • Editing & Mixing
    An important stage during and after recording is editing. Arrangements are finalised and tracks are scoured with a fine-tooth-comb. Mixing tools such as compression, equalisation and effects are used to prepare your recording for Mastering.
  • Mastering
    A vital step for all broadcast recordings, mastering finalises your music using the highest quality equipment and ensures your work competes with the best.